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  • Do I look okay?

    How do I look? Do I look okay? Such loaded questions. These questions may seem innocuous enough, but they’re not always harmless!When you see your own reflection in the mirror, is your first reaction to smile at yourself and think, Wow, there I am - beautiful as ever! ?Or are you critical of your appearance? Do your eyes go straight to the places you deem unattractive and in need of major improvement?It’s kind of an automatic thing - to look at the parts of o...

  • Awesome Aging vs Anti-Aging

        The “Anti-Aging” rhetoric is a message that is infused into our society and into the minds of women everywhere. This propaganda beats the drum of “growing older is unattractive” and “stay looking youthful at any and all cost” and “your appearance defines you” and “You are losing value as you age”.NO. I don’t buy that and I don’t want you to, either.