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  • How I take care of my skin & my self at (almost) 43!

    Another birthday is coming up quickly for me on Monday, March 11th ~ I Will Be 43 :) Recently someone asked me how I feel about my birthday, in general. The truth is, I love my birthday! I consider my birthday to be my personal New Year. A time to reflect on all that my life is and how it's all going. The time of year when momentum always seems to kick in for me as winter winds down and the light of springtime really starts to shine through the tunnel of winter's end....

  • Skincare & Self care for Every Age & Stage - in your 40s!

    In your 40s:They say Life Begins at 40, so get ready to embrace this phase with all your might! Entering this decade is an amazing time in life, whatever is going on.When I turned 40, I was a new mother of a 9 month old baby. I spent my birthday at home with him and invited 5 of my closest girlfriends over for an amazing dinner prepared my sweet chef/husband.