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    The skin is our largest organ, and it’s the only organ we can see from the outside, which is why it makes perfect sense that what is happening on the inside is reflected through our skin. This is one of the methods our bodies use to communicate it’s state of health.Taking good care of your complexion is an act of caring for your whole self and your health. As it turns out, so many things we do for one aspect of our health have positive effects all over. So whether you&rsquo...

  • What Is Microdermabrasion?

    Microdermabrasion is a form of exfoliation for the skin. It was developed in Italy in 1985, and was introduced to the United States in 1996. It grew in popularity quickly and has become a standard staple for many Estheticians. I’ll admit that I was a holdout on this technology for many years, likely due to my training at the Aveda Institute, where using newer technologies simply wasn’t part of the program or the school’s philosophy on how to treat the skin.

  • Happy 5th Anniversary to Complexions On Carter Skincare Boutique!

    Happy New Year!  I realize we are in February now. January flew by, as have the last FIVE years!